I can visit it using the latest beta firmware but I don't have any space left! AAAAAAAAARGHHHHHH!




So far I found these free apps kinda useful:

Cube Runner (kinda like pitfall in 3d)

Mobile News Network ("Local News"; part not working for Germany, but a decent news app)

Remote (Remote Control iTunes from your iPhone!)

ShoZu – Connect. Share. Blog. (I will use it to upload pics to picasa)

Twitterrific (Twitter Client… kinda liked twinkle better though)

VoiceNotes (liked the "original"; VoiceVotes by Erika Sadun better)


The AOL Radio App

the ebay app

the paypal app

google mobile app

and some others is only available in the US Store… luckily I do have an US Store Account :D. AOL Radio works, Ebay crashes, paypal has a "System Error";, google mobile is utter crap (it basically just opens safari). The crashes could be my beta8 FW though