Great lecture about Entrepeneur/Work Lifestyle Design

Posted by marc, Fri Apr 06 13:29:17 UTC 2007

4 hour workweek
"Tim Ferris" is a Princeton Alumni and a guest lecturer over there.
From his page:
Serial entrepreneur and ultravagabond Timothy Ferriss has been featured by dozens of media, including The New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, NBC, and MAXIM. He speaks six languages, runs a multinational firm from wireless locations worldwide, and has been a popular guest lecturer at Princeton University since 2003, where he presents entrepreneurship as a tool for ideal lifestyle design and world change.
Over here you can find the MP3.

p.s. I found it over here on "Soeren Web". A nice german page with an interesting podcast. Looking forward to listen to the Podcast EP#9 dealing with Design Patterns.
They reference this podcast by "Bruce Eckel" dealing with design patterns also (6 mins)

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