Why DHL sucks part III

Posted by marc, Sat Apr 21 13:08:45 UTC 2007

Ok, this time it's plain and simple. I wasn't at home this morning and I supposedly got a package delivered. No big deal, you get the orange "Hey! Package! come get it!" flyer and usually can get it at your postoffice. I went there and wanted to ask if maybe the driver already delivered his first batch of packages and
happened to bring back mine with him. The answer was "Nah, I won't even go back and look... the driver usually comes in at 13.00 - 14.00." I thought to myself :"ok, no big deal. I'll grab something to eat and come back in 2 hours". Luckily I realized 2 seconds later, the post office closes at 13.00. WHY would you close down the front of the store where all people usually are waiting for their stuff to arrive while there are still people in the back working. The postoffice usually is overcrowded anyhow and it can't be the "ahh... he wouldn't have anything to do!" argument. If they only had 1 guy who doesn't do anything but hand out packets for 1 hour more, I wouldn't have to wait till monday to be able to get my stuff. btw: Don't even try asking if it's possible to put YOUR package in YOUR "Packstation" account thingy. For them it seems to be somehing absurd to even consider the possiblity. I rest my case...

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  1. Michi 04.12.08 / 14PM
    so now, did you finally get your ? :-)
  2. Marc 04.12.08 / 14PM
    Nokia N80, yes :)
  3. Richey 04.12.08 / 14PM
    There are a million reasons not to use DHL. I used to use them to ship packages to my family throughout Southern and Mid-Michigan. Of the three times I’ve used them, all three deliveries (if you want to call them that) where lost twice and destroyed once. The first two arrived at my parent’s house four weeks from the date I sent them. The third was a CD to my brother. It arrived on time but the disc was cracked and scratched, totally unusable. After that I started using a local Detroit courier service. I checked out a company called Diligent Delivery who offers business delivery solutions for medical, legal, bank and other courier business needs. Pretty much they do everything for Southeast Michigan. They have yet to disappoint me. Every package I have sent through them has arrived on time if not a day early and always in good shape. I’m tired of companies like DHL messing things up.
  4. Diego 04.12.08 / 14PM
    The management at DHL could not run a lemonade stand if their lives depended on it. After tracking a very important business package online and stating that it was out for for delivery, I decided to take the day off work solely so that I can be at home and sign for the delivery of this package. Without saying anything new, the package never made it. I called customer service and they said they didn't know why it was not delivered but that it would be delivered first thing the following day. The following day, the online tracking stated the same message "out for delivery", so I decided to take another day off from work for the same reason. At $400 a day being off from work, this package is costing me a heafty price tag. Again, package is still not delivered and had to call customer service 6 times to receive 6 different stories. Tomorrow will be day three, and if I don't get it by tomorrow, it's not worth the $1200 that it cost me to be away from work for that long. I AM DISGUSTED BY THE INCOMPITENCE OF DHL!!! NEVER WILL I DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN!!!