Zattoo 3.0.5 Beta available for Germany

Posted by marc, Sat Sep 01 19:25:15 UTC 2007

Yesterday I received my invite to test "Zattoo", an Online-TV Application.
I already tried the Windows XP and the OS X Version and they are pretty much the same.
The video quality is ok (could be better though). The only availble Channels are the ones you see on the screenshot (Al Jazeera English, Canal 24 Horas, CNN International, Entertainment Channel, France 24 English, Giga, Lux tv, MTV, SF info, Tier TV, TV Gusto, TVE)
There are Versions of the Player for Win XP+Vista, OSX and Linux which is pretty cool I think.
Switching between Channels takes about 2 seconds of buffering and the TV Stream takes about 256 kb/s down and 35 kb/s upstream (heavy fluctuating though).

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  1. Ian Martin 04.12.08 / 14PM
    Mind sending me an invite for Zattoo? I've been looking for one forever! Thanks!
  2. Marc 04.12.08 / 14PM
    I don't think users can send out invites?!
  3. Dirk 04.12.08 / 14PM
    how did you get your invite?
  4. Marc 04.12.08 / 14PM
    I signed up on the zattoo page some months ago... -->
  5. darkstyle 04.12.08 / 14PM
    can someone invite me pls
  6. Marc 04.12.08 / 14PM
    You can sign up now in Germany. There never were any invites to be sent out for "normal" users
  7. F.Olsen 04.12.08 / 14PM
    Can someone please give me an invite to Zattoo... Thx
  8. A.Snow 04.12.08 / 14PM
    Hey guys! Need an invitation too ... pleeeeeese ... somebody help?! THANKS! :D
  9. darkstyle 04.12.08 / 14PM
    can someone sign up for me with this mail i'm from austria