TrekBuddy and the Nokia N95

Posted by marc, Thu Sep 06 19:37:27 UTC 2007


This time I captured the gpx File with TrekBuddy.

I already had tried the software some weeks ago and didn't really like it back then, but Hanno Böck told me about it when I asked him about j2me gpx logging software. So I tried it again and what can I say... the UI is imho worse than SportsTracker, but somehow the results seem to be better :) This time I had the slider of my N95 open though.
I'll do some more testing when it isn't raining :-/
p.s. TrekBuddy is supporting the j2me Location API (JSR-179) which can access the internal GPS of the Nokia N95

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  1. Sean 04.12.08 / 14PM
    Hey I have been trying to do this for a while i just downloaded the app but haven't got a clue how to work it. Any tips?
  2. Marc 04.12.08 / 14PM
    On my N95, I basically had to install the jar file, start the app and then select "start" and say "yes" when he asks if he should record the track. I also added a custom map which was a bit of a hassle and didn't really work right ^^ What's your partricular problem?