Wordpress Plugins I use atm

Posted by marc, Wed Sep 12 13:42:02 UTC 2007

-> Displays adsense ads -> keeps spam out of my comments -> Embeds MP3 files with a nice flash player interface -> helps to embed videos from various sites (youtube, google video, ...) -> Adds the ability to create votes in my posts -> creates sitemaps for better indexation thourgh google -> notifies me though jabber when a new comment is added to one of my posts -> I once embedded a quicktime video into my blog. These are the remains (nice for e.g. movie trailers.) -> lots of statistics in your blog admin interface -> makes adding tags more easy -> adds the nifty digg, stumbleupon, mrwong ... buttons at the end of posts -> allows users who commented to something to receive an email when someone else commented on that post -> transforms stuff like "1 slash 2" into 1/2 -> "1 click" wordpress update -> whenever you're too lazy to use phpmyadmin -> hmm... don't really remember when I used that one :) But apparently "This plugin eases insertion of Jeroen Wijerings FLV Video Player" -> the little stars you can use to rate posts -> "The wpSEO plugin rewrites your blog title, META-description, META-keywords and META-robots so these are more user and search engine friendly." -> That's what I use to embed my GPS traces (.gpx/.kml files)

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  1. ollie 04.12.08 / 14PM
    Das ist ne Menge. brauchst du die auch alle, ich habe noch keine Musik auf deiner Seite gehört...
  2. Marc 04.12.08 / 14PM
    jo, die meisten sind nur drin damit die alten posts no klappen