An interesting podcast for people who are interested into ruby. Basically every podcast dealing with ruby is dealing with rails.

The audio quality of the "moderator"; isn't that good, but you can still listen to it.

I'm currently listening to EP4 "Zed Shaw on leaving Ruby";.
You might remember Zed Shaw from his Rails is a Ghetto rant.

He talks about the rant and explains what he thinks is wrong with the ruby platform at the moment.

Here's the link to the podcast.

Over at, there is a "viral raffle"; going on :)

You can win a great cellphone (Motorola F3), shaver, toothbrush combination… I'd simply give the cellphone to my mom, as I think her Nokia 6230 kinda sucks. (It is old and starts having random quirks)

Here's the requested pic:

As I used my iPhone to take the picture, a box will have to do (c'mooooooon ;D)

WD My Book

My Book Essential Edition 750 GB (750 GB) AEUW0100

—> Alternate ZackZack

—> Western Digital product page

I needed an external USB HDD to put on my Airport Extreme anyway. I really like the idea of having time-machine making a backup of my Thesis and being able to share videos with my mac mini…

The price (109 €) is decent for a 750 GB USB HDD.

I hope “Smart and energy efficient – Turns itself on and off with your computer.”; also means that it will go into standby mode when not being used for some time.

UPDATE: It arrived and it seems to spin down when not used! (even with the laptop on and the drive mounted)

Wow, how cool is that… I just upgraded my Mac Mini to OS X Leopard and frontrow (the media center thingy that comes with OS X) is now able to play my 720P MKV files.

In connection with my new TV, that is kinda sweet :D

Although there still are performance problems… we'll see what a perian update will do (or the quicktime update + the 10.5.3 update)

The ADC welcome package.

It also included a nice shirt.

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