As some of you might have noticed, I got fed up with wordpress :)

I really disliked the "ooops, yet another xmlrpc vulnerability"; news on heise and therefor decided to switch to something else. As I had bad memories of working with Serendipity, I decided to go to the next biggest competitor: Movable Type

Movable Type isn't heavily PHP based as it uses CGI for most of the publishing. At the moment I set it to staticly generate the html files.

The import of my wordpress content was pretty easy. Just export it from wordpress as a 1,5 MB XML file and tell Movable Type to "import content";. I had to manually set the encoding to UTF-8 and activate the "convert linebreaks"; option. It worked pretty fine.

The things left to do:

  • Create a symlink to get the "old"; RSS Url back to work (switch to the new one!)
  • Install some plugin to have "pages"; again
  • Maybe fix the old youtube videos that were embedded using some wordpress plugin
  • find a good looking style

If you want to replace parts of a string that is embedded in an SQL Database you might want to try this:

UPDATE `mt_entry` SET `entry_text` = REPLACE

This will go to the table "mt_entry"; and look into "entry_text";. If "entry_text"; contains the words "/assets/"; it will replace those words with a simple "/";

Just something for me to remember:
This will result in nice looking presentations :)

\author{M. Seeger}

Over here you can find a document explaining some of the important things you should consider when giving a presentation. I thought everyone should have at least read it once before trying to speak in front of an audience.