Thanks to the guys over at blogsecurity I now know that there is a new vulnerability for wordpress in the wild. The "wp-admin/link.php"; script does not check the permissions of the user before adding a new Blogroll link. A fixed links.php file has been made available which addresses the problem and is available here.

Simply replace the wp-admin/link.php with the new one and you should be good :)

Nifty, just got that in my inbox:

JPG title=";GooSync Upgrade">GooSync Upgrade

Seems as if the people over at GooSync like blogs and are pretty fast about it too :D

Just synced a second calendar ("German Holidays";) and I've got to say… works pretty fine so far :D

Btw, the differences between a free version and the subscription version can be seen here (basically syncing more than 1 calendar and over a period more than 30 days)

I just searched for a possibility to sync my N95 and iCal with google calendar. I don't really know why I would want to have my calendar available online when I'm carrying it arround in my cellphone anyway, but it felt like the right thing to do ;)

When I searched for a possiblity I stumbeled across Goosync . It basically does what it's told to, sync my N95 with google calendar using SyncML.goosync.jpg

What you have to do is:

a) sign up

b) select your cellphone and send yourself an auto-configuration SMS

c) enable Goosync to access your google calendar

d) select the goosync-profile in your Phones "Sync"; Properties

e) sync

that's it! The only downside is, that on the free account, you don't have this feature:

Configurable Sync WindowYou can select +- 365 days, allowing you to sync any events that fall within this sync window.

In the free version, each sync has window of plus 30 days and minus 7 days from the sync date. That's ok for me though
EDIT: does a decent job too and can also sync contacts and notes. Although it somehow messed up the timings on my appointments as far as I can tell…

[youtube vJ5FvaASrs0]

c/p (wikipedia):

Matisyahu (born Matthew Paul Miller, June 30, 1979) is an Americanreggae musician.

Known for blending traditional Jewish themes with reggae and rock sounds, Matisyahu was most recognizable for being a member ofChabad-Lubavitch, a chassidic group of Judaism, buthas recently left Chabad-Lubavitch and is now just a main-stream Chassid, but is looking into the Breslov Chassidic sect. As such, Matisyahu stands out for wearing the traditional clothing of Hasidic Jews and not performing on the Sabbath. Since 2004, he has released two studio albums as well as one live album, two remixCDs and one DVD featuring a live concert, and a number of interviews. Through his short career, Matisyahu has teamed up with some of the biggest names in reggae production including Bill Laswell and duo Sly & Robbie.

Since his debut, Matisyahu has received positive reviews from both rock and reggae outlets. Most recently, he was named "Top Reggae Artist"; of 2006 by Billboard.

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DHL Status spinnt

I just wanted to know if my crashed Harddisc had already arrived at Hitachi… apparently the started delivering the damaged disc back to hitachi months before I even had the disc 0_O

Before commenting, WP Hashcash forces the users PC to execute a Client Side Javascript Code which does some calculating (<1 sec). As spambots can't handle JavaScript and even if they could, they would be slowed down by calculating stuff all day the spam problem should be gone :)Using Akismet works fine so far too, but every Week about 1 spamcomment slips though… let's see how WP Hashcash works :)