Wooohoo, getting a new one for free ^^

After they changed my macbooks topcase (now it looks like new), Apple was pretty accommodating and now they're giving me a new battery :D

(With the old one, my macbook simply shut down although it showed 1 hour still remaining)

HREF="http://blog.marc-seeger.de/assets/2007/06/akku.png"TITLE=";Apple Akku Austausch">SRC="http://blog.marc-seeger.de/assets/2007/06/akku.thumbnail.png"ALT=";Apple Akku Austausch" />


Sehr geehrte® Marc Seeger,
Wir haben die MACBOOK (13-INCH) Komponente(n) zusammen mit Installationsanweisungen versandt, die Sie für die Selbstinstallation bestellt haben.

They're FAST!

And guess what I'm holding in my hands… :D

Here's the PDF of a little presentation about JMS – the Java Message Service – I did together with Stephan in a lecture called "Entwicklung von Web Anwendungen"; (mainly Java EE stuff)

Here are the slides: JMS_SS07_ms155_sh094.pdf

p.s. Slide 58 and 59 were videos… you'll only see the first frame embedded in the pdf

Bild 3.png

Over here you can find more Information about the new "iTunes U";. Basically Podcasts from a bunch of big US Universites!

Recently been launched for some mayor US Cities. I really hope that this service will come to germany too, seems to be really nifty :D

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