I’ll keep it short and maybe add something later

Short description: The Tubestick is one of the cheapest dvbt usb sticks available for OSX. I bought it for 40 Euros + shipping on sunday and it arrived on tuesday. They are pretty fast when it comes to shipping.

I’ll keep it short and maybe add a longer text later:

At the moment I can just say: It works :)

The picture quality is pretty nice, the GUI is good looking and kept simple.

The only thing that struck me as odd is that I can’t select where my recordings should go or find out where they are stored

here are some impressions of the app that came with the stick and the stick itself:








Thanks to Spanning Sync, I am able to sync Ical with google calender. Works like a charm :D

That means I just have to type an appointment into my cellphoneNokia N71

use iSynciSync

to sync it with iCal ical

and it will be automatically synced with google calender using spanning sync Spanning Sync

Here's the screencast

UPDATE: and now they charge money… could have been so nice

As far as I've planned it, this will be my Summerterm 2007

And this is is what I could have chosen from

and this could be my last semester :)
So it's 4 → 5 (internship semester) → 6

As I am searching for some place to put my pictures that I've taken over the last holday, birthdays and other ocasions, I have look into some of the "web 2.0"; image hosts and came to the conclusion that zooomr is pretty much what I was looking for.

My criteria are:

  • Free (web 2.0 stuff usually has a free basic membership and some paid "deluxe"; features, I am a poor student and prefer not to pay. There are other ways to make money)

  • Unlimited storage (I don't think I really need it, but I don't like limits)

  • Easy API to use for upload tools (because it's usually too much of a hassle to upload via webinterface… unless it's flash or some really nifty javascript)

  • Good management features (because that's what a photo album basically is. Managed pictues)

  • Some cool featues (surprise me! ;D )

If you ever wondered how to get mail.app to use your imap folders (sent, trash, drafts, …) instead of its predefined ones, have a look at that:


Mal wieder auf deutsch…

Wer Michaels Blog liest wird schon bemerkt haben das es wieder einmal Zeit ist die Welt mit neuen, m_gigen W_rtern zu beschenken! Wie damals schon bei der Legend_ren "Aktion Suppenknorke"; (Bei mir , bei Mes, bei Freund, im Resultat) ist es auch heute wieder an der zeit gleich ZWEI NEUE W_RTER zu Erfinden die bisher so nicht im Interweb vorkommen!

Diesmal in Zusammenarbeit mit Michael aka Mes

Ich sage: Sackhaarzwirbler

Mes sagt: Serverraumheizung

#UPDATE_ —> http://blog.marc-seeger.de/?p=295