Here you can get the already modified OSX Version.

In the original you'll have to insert:

#define fseek fseeko

#define ftell ftello

in here:

#if defined(APPLE) && defined(GNUC)

#define fopen64 fopen

    <li><span class="caps">INSERT</span> IT <span class="caps">HERE</span><br/><br />


to make it work in OSX :)

$ gcc o patch patchv2.c -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE

./patch somewiiimage.iso 0

[+] Seeking to 0×4E003

] First patch…….Done

] Seeking to 0×4E010

] Second patch…….[ Done

File Closed

Backup is now PAL

If your mother ever locks her bicycle and happens to throw away the key, this is what you'd have to do :)

(just happened to me… sorry for the crappy photos)


Just posting this in case someone does a search via google…

To assign a fixed MAC-Adress to a VM, you'll have to edit the matching .vmx and do the following things:

1. uncomment everything involving "ethernet0.generated";

2. insert these two lines:

ethernet0.address = 00:50:56:0D:xx:xx
ethernet0.addressType = static

(you can chose whatever hex you want for xx:xx)

This is to all my fellow (computer science) students who are enjoying their free time at the moment :)

Over Here you can find links to the talks that were given on the last CCC Meeting 23C3.

Today I watched:

All of the talks are interesting and carry a lot of information. watch em!


A Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool (abbreviated LART) is "something large, heavy and painful, used to respond appropriately to particularly annoying lusers."; A LART can by definition be anything from a pat on the back, to a small tactical nuclear attack, depending on how much adjustment the attitude needs. Names for specific types of LARTs include cluebat, clue stick, Clueisville Slugger, clue-by-four and Board of Education. The abbreviation was retrofitted to Lumber Assisted Reallocation as Treefood out of respect to the Lumber Cartel. See also Banhammer.

More Info:

Just wanted to give you a quick Link to the offline-Blogging Editor I am testing out at the Moment. It's called "Quamana" and it's doing a fine job so far. As you can see Image upload is working nicely (using wordress integrated features and not FTP). It's available over at for OSX and Windows. They've got some advertising programm going as well which is neatly integrated into the client (but as I'd prefer adsense)