I didn't do the jailbreak yet because:

  1. I'm lazy

  2. I didn't want to downgrade

But with the release of iDemocracy 2 (official page) things could change. I quote:

iDemocracy 2: Releasing 16th of November at 6PM! Now with automatic revirginizing of 1.0.2!

EDIT: Sorry about the confusion! Apparently all UK iPhones come with the new bootloader and will not support unlocking (yet). iD2 can jailbreak and activate them, however. An update to iD2 will be released shortly after the inital release on the 16th which will add a new version of anySIM.

Can't wait :)

UPDATE: oh great… iDemocracy doesn't do anything new concerning the 1.1.2 jailbreak, still a downgrade required :(

I finally found a good jabber "client"; for my iPhone: JiveTalk

It's webapp as I didn't find the time to jailbreak my iPhone so far… but JiveTalk is doing a pretty damn good job so far! It heavily relies on anychronous JavaScript (Buzzword: Ajax ;D)

Check out the screenshots


p.s. in case jivetalk doesn't work, there still is meebo which doesn't do all the nice grouping stuff, but works too :)

Here are some more or less interesting facts about the internal workings of the iPhone:

  • The iPhone activation server is called "alfred.apple.com";

  • when activating, iTunes receives three things from the iPhone:

    • the DeviceID ("UniqueDeviceID";)

    • the IMEI ("InternationalMobileEquipmentIdentity";)

    • the ICCID ("IntegratedCircuitCardIdentity";)

    Then those 3 things are packed into a token which is sent to the activation server (via SSL). If Apple thinks your phone is legit, they sign your token with their private key and send it back. iTunes then calls AMDeviceActivate() to activate your iPhone using this token

  • The initialisation Vector of the 128 Bit AES CBC that is used to encrypt update files is "TheIphoneLovesU"; :D

  • To retrieve the encryption key, compute a SHA-1 hash of /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kernelcaches/kernelcache.s5l8900xrb from offset (size / 2 – 0×2000) for 0×4000 bytes

  • There are 2 User Accounts on the iPhone:

    • "mobile"; with password "alpine";

    • "root"; with password "dottie"; (trivia: The unique root of cos(x)=x is dubbed the Dottie number)


I just received an email with the outstanding bugfixes to my hybrid user provider for openfire :)

  • Changed on 14. Nov. 2007, 10:48
  • by Chris Neasbitt
  • -changed getUsers(int startIndex, int numResults) method to return a subset of the total users from all providers
  • -changed the getUsers() method to use a vector internally since addAll is an optional method of the collection
  • interface we cannot assume that all classes that support the collection interface also support the addAll method
  • -changed the getUserCount() method to iterate through an array of providers while calling a private helper method
  • getUserCount(UserProvider provider) on each of them.


Thank you Chris Neasbitt! (Programmer III, Strategic Research and Analysis, Valdosta State University)

Download : hybriduserprovider.java

This is my first iphone Testpost :)
Thanks to the nice employee discount

Ok, thanks to Pat I will now explain something for all you people sitting behind restrictive Firewalls that don't want you to communicate with the outside :)

First of all: My guess would be that doing that stuff would be a reason for getting yourself fired because there usually is some security reason behind all that firewall stuff —> Don't do it!

And now to the fun part:JPG title=";01_default_putty.JPG">

I will continue to study for my Masters degre, but these are the last lectures I will take for my Bachelors:

  • Thesis (12 ECTS)

  • Projektarbeit (6 ECTS)

  • Pr√§sentation und Kommunikation (2 ECTS)

  • Datenbanken und Anwendungen (4 ECTS)

  • Sicherheit im Internet (4 ECTS)

This sums up to 28 ECTS which is everything I need :)

Datenbanken und Anwendungen = Basically Hibernate (Java)

Sicherheit im Internet = Buffer Overflows and all the fun stuff

Präsentation und Kommunikation = As far as I understood: talking :)

Projektarbeit = hmm… dunno yet √É∆í√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢_√É∆í√Ǭ≥

Thesis = Probably something about anonymous Filesharing

Other stuff I'd like to talk but can't be bothered with the extra work:

  • Praktikum Netzwerksicherheit (ARP Spoofing, Metasploit, …)

  • Gro√É∆í√Ö¬∏rechnertechnologie (Mainframe stuff)

  • Aktuelle Programmiersprachen (Everyone is doing a Presentation about current programming languages)