Wow, didn't know it existed —>

Cool thing, love the design

And for my german readers who may not know what craigslist is:

Craigslist ist ein zentrales städtisches Online-Netzwerk mit Anzeigenseiten für alle möglichen Bedürfnisse (Jobs, Wohnungen, Handwerker, Service, Foren usw.). Im englischen Sprachraum ist es weit verbreitet.

I personally thing it's neet because of the "";">for sale / wanted"; part. You can basically pick up everything you buy yourself

To multiply anything by 11, just "split"; it in half and insert the checksum of the multiplicant in between :)

For the German readers: checksum = Quersumme

And more of this "math fun stuff"; from Stefan Graf's blog is a photo sharing site which only seems to feature "cool"; pictures. Not the usual "watch my last BBQ!"; genre



1. Get the source and dependencies (yadda yadda)

2. in the file rs-core/src/make.opt, you’ll find a section which is something like:

RS_LIBS = -L../lib -lretroshare
RS_LIBS += ….
RS_LIBS += ….

and you want to change it to:

RS_LIBS = -Wl,-search_paths_first
RS_LIBS += -L../lib -lretroshare
RS_LIBS += ….
RS_LIBS += ….

3. look in rs-Qt-gui/src/
for the following line (at the end of the file):

LIBS += -L../../../../../lib -lretroshare -lKadC -lminiupnpc -lssl -lcrypto

You want to change it to:

LIBS += -L../../../../../lib -Wl,-search_paths_first -lretroshare -lKadC -lminiupnpc -lssl -lcrypto

I also had to do: sudo ln -s /sw/lib/qt4-x11/bin/qmake /usr/bin/qmake-qt4

And there we go:

Just in case anyone cares :)



Just a little text-only post from "RapidMetaBlog";

New Category!

I'll now start "blogging"; about the roadtrips through Germany :D

(More like a "here's a map and here's a picture " category)

Bigger Map

Trost Uffenheim