Wow, die ersetzen das seit Monaten kaputte Fenster :)

This is a lifeblog post.


This time I captured the gpx File with TrekBuddy.

I already had tried the software some weeks ago and didn't really like it back then, but Hanno B√ɬ∂ck told me about it when I asked him about j2me gpx logging software. So I tried it again and what can I say… the UI is imho worse than SportsTracker, but somehow the results seem to be better :)
This time I had the slider of my N95 open though.

I'll do some more testing when it isn't raining :-/

p.s. TrekBuddy is supporting the j2me Location API (JSR-179) which can access the internal GPS of the Nokia N95

One of my favourite plugins was currently updated, the Google Maps Worpress PluginIt allows you to easily embed .gpx and .kml files into your blog :)What you basically do is:

  1. copy the plugin to your plugins folder
  2. open the show.php file and put your google maps api key where it says “$googlemaps_key = ”
  3. open wp-includes/functions.php and insert the following two lines to the filetypes section:‘gpx' => ‘application/gpx'‘kml' => ‘application/'
  4. activate the pluginto use it just upload a gpx or kml file and link to it ( e.g. < a href=“; http://blablabla/yourfile . gpx ” / >) the plugin will automatically insert an Iframe of your maps data.
UPDATE: There’s a new version of the plugin

Nothing as easy as that. Just get an openID from e.g. and add the following 2 lines to your blog header (you’ll have to change the marc.seeger part… but you probably have guessed that already ^^:)

< link rel=“openid.server”; href=“”; mce_href=“”;>

< link rel=“openid.delegate”; href=“”; mce_href=“”;>

(no space after the < and before the “link”;)

From now on you can use your blog adress (e.g. as an openID. It will redirect to the openid service of your choice.

I chose because I can use my nifty paypal security key that way :D

update: only problem so far:


After mailing with Gary Krall (technical director of PIP) it seems as if they’re in the process of evaluating a couple of other approaches which they might implement in a follow-on release. I personally think a whitelist for redirects would be a good Idea :)

If you ever had to get Windows Mobile 5 powered Devices to work with a WPA (TKIP) + PEAP setup (using your own inhouse CA) and were near a nervous breakdown because of the damn "The Server Certificate is issued by an unknown authority"; message you might wanna ad this registry key: