Ok, here's a small review about my TV/Monitor (sorry for the crappy pics):

Samsung 940MW TV BildSamsung 940MW Fernbedienung

First of all, the features:

  • 19.0 inch wide screen

  • 1440 × 900 (WXGA+) resolution

  • 700:1 contrast ratio

  • 160 degree /160 degrees horizontal/vertical viewing angles

  • 8 ms response time

  • Virtual Dolby and BBE sound

  • Inputs include TV (antenna/cable), S-Video, Composite, Component, DVI Digital Link, analog RGB and more

  • Picture-in-Picture (PC Desktop with a small TV Rectangle)

  • Width x Height x Depth (mm): 466 × 406 × 216 at a Weight of 6,2 kg

  • Energy consumption < 2W in Standby

I bought this TFT/TV-Combo a while back because I don't really have the space for both in my small student flat. Besides: most affordable TFT-TVs couldn't display the resolution of 1440×900. That means it can also display HDTV programming from an external source (in my case: my XboX).
It is equipped with Samsung's Macic Tuner – The built-in tuner supports TV and video signal formats used in 140 countries worldwide, including NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.
The 8 Milliseconds Response Time is imho excellent for video and fast gaming. I don't see any "smearing"; effects when playing on my Xbox,my Nintendo Wii or my PC.
At the moment I have the following things hooked up to it:
Samsung 940 MW Kabel

  • SCART: Nintendo Wii

  • DVI: Macbook

  • DSUB ("VGA";): My PC

  • Component: My XboX via HDTV Component Cable running at 720P

  • SVideo+Audio: Empty… for now :D