So, what did I do this weekend? I watched the DFB Cup finals at a friend's new flat.

We used a beamer and a VCR to get the TV Signal stretched to a decent watchable size on the wall :)


This setup poses some difficulties though. Because of the two sources of grounding (on the TV-Cable and on the power cables), the analogue signals get distorted and the signal/noise ratio begins to suck and visual distortions begin to manifest in the picture. Colors/crightness/contrast begin to look strange and the picture starts "jumping"; (up to the point where to top half and the bottom half of a frame are "split";)


Thanks to a savvy tech monkey we got a clear picture in the end by removing the grounding of the TV Cable and blocking the grounding of the "schuko"; plug by a piece of paper :)


Who needs grounding on a beamer with a complete plastic casing anyway…

p.s. you could die if you try this at home… so DON'T!!!!!!