Nothing as easy as that. Just get an openID from e.g. and add the following 2 lines to your blog header (you'll have to change the marc.seeger part… but you probably have guessed that already ^^:)

< link rel="openid.server"; href=""; mce_href="";>

< link rel="openid.delegate"; href=""; mce_href="";>

(no space after the < and before the "link";)

From now on you can use your blog adress (e.g. as an openID. It will redirect to the openid service of your choice.

I chose because I can use my nifty paypal security key that way :D

update: only problem so far:


After mailing with Gary Krall (technical director of PIP) it seems as if they're in the process of evaluating a couple of other approaches which they might implement in a follow-on release. I personally think a whitelist for redirects would be a good Idea :)