Here are some more or less interesting facts about the internal workings of the iPhone:

  • The iPhone activation server is called "";

  • when activating, iTunes receives three things from the iPhone:

    • the DeviceID ("UniqueDeviceID";)

    • the IMEI ("InternationalMobileEquipmentIdentity";)

    • the ICCID ("IntegratedCircuitCardIdentity";)

    Then those 3 things are packed into a token which is sent to the activation server (via SSL). If Apple thinks your phone is legit, they sign your token with their private key and send it back. iTunes then calls AMDeviceActivate() to activate your iPhone using this token

  • The initialisation Vector of the 128 Bit AES CBC that is used to encrypt update files is "TheIphoneLovesU"; :D

  • To retrieve the encryption key, compute a SHA-1 hash of /System/Library/Caches/ from offset (size / 2 – 0×2000) for 0×4000 bytes

  • There are 2 User Accounts on the iPhone:

    • "mobile"; with password "alpine";

    • "root"; with password "dottie"; (trivia: The unique root of cos(x)=x is dubbed the Dottie number)