I didn't do the jailbreak yet because:

  1. I'm lazy

  2. I didn't want to downgrade

But with the release of iDemocracy 2 (official page) things could change. I quote:

iDemocracy 2: Releasing 16th of November at 6PM! Now with automatic revirginizing of 1.0.2!

EDIT: Sorry about the confusion! Apparently all UK iPhones come with the new bootloader and will not support unlocking (yet). iD2 can jailbreak and activate them, however. An update to iD2 will be released shortly after the inital release on the 16th which will add a new version of anySIM.

Can't wait :)

UPDATE: oh great… iDemocracy doesn't do anything new concerning the 1.1.2 jailbreak, still a downgrade required :(