Wooohoo… I changed again :)
I just love to play arround with all of the nerdstuff (compare) out there. This time feather" got my attention. There's a blogpost announcing it, but in short: It's a blogging engine in ruby which uses the merb web framework as its foundation. I never really got into rails all that much and it turned out that the typo code wasn't thaaaaat nice to read. I also didn't really like the typo irc chan, it was always very quiet.
I wrote an importer-plugin which imports typo based blogs into feather (feather-typo.zip) by basically editing the mephisto importer plugin which comes with the feather-plugins.
So far: I really like it :) It's missing a lot of the polish of the other blogging engines out there, but as long as feeds and comments work I guess it's ok for most of you :)

I hope I can code some more plugins on my own to make the software adapt to my needs…