If you ever find yourself in the situation of needing to syncronize an FTP folder with a folder in a wua.la group, this might come in handy:

  1. Use FUSE to mount the FTP as a usual folder (I use MacFuse (core) and MacFusion (GUI) to mount the FTP, also works for SFTP)
  2. start wua.la and enable filesystem integration if it's not already activated
  3. use rsync to synchronize the two folders

This is the command line I used:

rsync -a -r -v -u —progress —bwlimit=90 /Volumes/FTP/ /Volumes/Wuala/SomeGroup/SomeFolder/

Here are the explanations for the options:-a: archive mode (might work without that one too…)

  • -r: recurse through subfolders
  • -v: be verbose —> display additional statistics
  • -u: skop files that are newer on the receiver
  • —progress: show progress when copying (I loves myself some statistics)
  • —bwlimit=90: throttle Bandwidth to 90 kilobytes per second.

    This is a little bit below my 120 kb/s upload capacity at home.

    WIthout doing this, rsync will just push data too fast and cause wua.la to crash (well.. it's still in alpha/beta at the time of writing).

    Wua.la seems to start uploading AFTER the file has been transfered to the NFS share it creats, so keeping it at 90 kb/s will allow wua.la to upload the LAST File that was completed before the next one is at 100% of the NFS transfer.

works like a charm :)