The fourth app I bought in the iPhone App Store.

At first I bought super monkey ball (which sucks) and enigmo (which ultimately rocks), then I spent 2 Euros on UsedBudget (shows me how much sms and free minutes I have left).

This time I spent exactly 1,59 Euros on "Pedometer";.

Pedometer basically uses the internal acceleration sensor of the iPhone to count the steps with an unexpected precision. It also calculates the burnt calories with respect to the runners weight and height)

It works pretty fine as far as a short test-session at my end goes. It doesn't work when locking the iPhone which is probably a restriction of the official APIs.

It also allows to have the ipod still play in the background (great for listening to podcasts)

Here are some impressions





Build in screen locking (locked state):

IMG_0002 2.PNG

Unlocking + unlocked state:


Setting the sensitivity:


Saving a session:

IMG_0005.PNG IMG_0006.PNG

The "diary";:


My thoughts: worth the money.

What could be better:

  • More statistical Data (step frequency, start AND stop time, maybe avg speed… don't know how accurate the accelerometer really is)
  • Continue running in locked mode (probably not possible at the moment because of the APIs the devs are allowed to use)
  • Attaching a small google maps overview using core-location (no real tracking, although that would be nice on the 3G), maybe even auto-guessing which route the runner takes

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