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You love the 80s? You love minimal syntax programming languages? I guess it’s your lucky day!

"Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs has been MIT’s introductory pre-professional computer science subject since 1981. It emphasizes the role of computer languages as vehicles for expressing knowledge and it presents basic principles of abstraction and modularity, together with essential techniques for designing and implementing computer languages.\"

Creative Commons License These video lectures are copyright by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman. They are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

from the original site you can get VCD files (1400 mb / lecture) or divx files (same resolution as the vcds, probably a reencode, 500 mb / lecture)

Thanks to the license, it was possible to noise-filter and reencode the big vcd files to h.264 + aac at approx 250 mb / lecture.

You basically won’t use lisp to do anything in real life (yeah… there are some people…), but it teaches you the important concepts of basically any programming language.

Thanks to my hosting provider which provides 5 tb of monthly traffic and 500 gb storage space, I decided to share:

Lecture 1a: Overview and Introduction to Lisp (1:13)

Lecture 1b: Procedures and Processes; Substitution Model (0:58)

Lecture 2a: Higher-order Procedures (1:01)

Lecture 2b: Compound Data (1:17)

Lecture 3a: Henderson Escher Example (1:16)

Lecture 3b: Symbolic Differentiation; Quotation (0:44)

Lecture 4a: Pattern Matching and Rule-based Substitution (1:03)

Lecture 4b: Generic Operators (1:23)

Lecture 5a: Assignment, State, and Side-effects (1:15)

Lecture 5b: Computational Objects (1:05)

Lecture 6a: Streams, Part 1 (1:07)

Lecture 6b: Streams, Part 2 (1:03)

Lecture 7a: Metacircular Evaluator, Part 1 (1:25)

Lecture 7b: Metacircular Evaluator, Part 2 (1:00)

Lecture 8a: Logic Programming, Part 1 (0:42)

Lecture 8b: Logic Programming, Part 2 (1:08)

Lecture 9a: Register Machines (1:12)

Lecture 9b: Explicit-control Evaluator (1:11)

Lecture 10a: Compilation (0:46)

Lecture 10b: Storage Allocation and Garbage Collection (0:59)

Have fun :)