First of all: I do not only hate german TV producers, I hate all of them separate but equal! (maybe I do have a little bit of extra hate for the german ones, read on)

Ok, now the main post:

I usually don't watch german TV besides documentaries. While the actual synchronization of all the US TV stuff is actually pretty ok ty compared to every other country on earth, the translations usually suck and a lot of the jokes get lost in translation :-(

The worst thing is how INCREDIBLY unimaginative those fuckers are! I get why it is not the worst possible thing to synchronize successful US TV shows, apparantly some people don't understand spoken english (or written for that matter) and they've gotta reach a certain number of people.

But what REALLY is a bad idea: taking an idea 1:1 and simply replace everybody with a (most of the time: bad) german actor.

There are some series which simply take the concept and create a good plot on their own.

An example :

At first, there was BBC's The Office (UK)


Along came a US TV series called (surprise!) "The Office";


And when some intern at Pro7 realized that both of the "Offices"; were a big success, they invented: "Stromberg"; (aka: yet another guy in an office)


And just to do some name dropping:

La ofis (chile), Os Aspones (Brazil), Le bureau (France), La Job (Canada: Quebec)

200808282221.jpg200808282222.jpg <200808282223.jpg<200808282224.jpg

Next example:

The IT crowd is a (imho: awesome) comedy show about IT tech support guys created in the UK:


And then there is "Das iTeam, die Jungs mit der Maus"; on the german TV station "SAT 1";. They are REAL FUCKERS for not even changing the plot or the camera angle!!!

Here are 2 comparisons found on youtube:

And my current object of hate: "";">The singing bee"; on Pro7. Here's a quote from the website:

Im Spätsommer geht’s los: "Singing Bee"; startet auf ProSieben. Moderiert wird die unfairste Musikshow der Welt von Oli Petszokat und Monrose-Sängerin Senna. Dabei wird die Song-Textsicherheit von den Kandidaten auf den Prüfstand gestellt. Im Karaoke-Verfahren spielen Oli und Senna verschiedene, deutsche und internationale Hits an, die die Teilnehmer zu Ende singen müssen. Senna: „Bei uns heißt es: „Nicht gut, sondern richtig singen. Derjenige, der sich versingt, muss unsere Party verlassen!“

If you happen to live in the US you might have watched NBCs "";">The singing bee" or the small budget FOX version "";">Don't forget the lyrics";

Here's a small pice of youtube video that compares the two :D

To sum up all of this:

  1. only US/UK TV producers actually create anything original (also note: only US/UK comedians are funny, German Comedians are not!)
  2. german TV producers only copy stuff and sometimes even 1:1 by only replacing good actors with crappy ones!
  3. There is only one good german TV series that is original (as far as I know) and that's: Die Ludolfs nuff said