I recently ordered a dell laptop. I'm still waiting and the current estimated shipping date is the 02.10.08 (originally it was the 23.09.2008).

When I ordered, there were some "this could take a few weeks"; warnings for other items, but not for my laptop. The current problem seems to be the 6 cell battery which can lead to production times of up to 8 weeks.

I called Dell 3 times until I reached a guy called "Dusan"; who does at great job at customer support. I told him that I don't really like the fact that Dell pushes the production date and that I'd rather have a 9 cell battery in my laptop and having it ship earlier.

Short story:

  • He sent me a new offer

  • +100 GB HDD (—> 500 in total)

  • 9 Cell battery instead of 6 cells

  • -Adobe Photoshop light whatever edition (as if I care…)

  • Same price

  • "Bei R√ºckbest√§tigung Ihrer Bestellung heute, 19.09.2008 sollte Ihre Bestellung sp√§testens bei Ihnen eintreffen am: 06.10.2008";

So appartenly I get more for the same price if I wait a 4 days longer… (and that's usually pretty "far fetched"; when Dell doesn't run into supply problems).

In other news: there are NO notebooks whatsoever that offer a good CPU, a decent (>WXGA) resolution and the other stuff for even CLOSE to the price