It's kind of a let down that Vista doesn't allow its internal Backup-Application to save Backups to a NAS Device (especially if the NAS has a non-NTFS formated HDD. In my case HFS+ on my Airport Extreme).
As I finally have a complete 802.11n infrastructure (rates of 5 MB/s+), it is even more useful to be able to save important files to a NAS. Using robocopy (included with Windows Vista) you can easily do incremental backups of selected folders. My current setup consists of the following 2 things:


This is the script doing all the work, it currently looks like this:


robocopy D:\workspace \\MyBook750GB\Backup\XPS_VISTA\workspace /ZB /MIR /XJ
robocopy C:\Users\Marc\Music\iTunes \\MyBook750GB\Backup\XPS_VISTA\iTunes /ZB /MIR /XJ
robocopy C:\Users\Marc\Documents \\MyBook750GB\Backup\XPS_VISTA\Documents /B /MIR /XJ
robocopy C:\Users\Marc\Pictures \\MyBook750GB\Backup\XPS_VISTA\Pictures /ZB /MIR /XJ

It uses robocopy to save selected paths (I don't really want/need a backup of the WHOLE system) to my network drive.

The parameters in use:

  • /ZB <—- tries to start a resumable filetransfer and goes to backup mode if the resumable one doesn't work (NEEDS ADMIN PRIVILEGES!)
  • /MIR <— completely mirrors the given source (will delete files that are in the destination but not the source!)
  • /XJ <— exclude junctions (filesystem links that could result in a loop and break robocopy)



This will execute backup.bat as Administrator (—> UAC prompt):

Set objSh = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
objSh.ShellExecute "C:\Users\Marc\backup.bat", "" , "", "runas", 1


I could execute the robocopy tasks in the vbscript too I guess, but until now I was to lazy to figure out how to only have to acknowledge the UAC prompt once and still be able to execute the 3 tasks