Apparently, they finally got it :)

I'm just watching October 14th episode (without ads!) and I really like the fact that they don't have any stupid "only for the US"; limitations.
Now that Soutphark and TDS are available for free, I'm just waiting for the following shows to follow:

Stargate, Psych, Code.Monkeys. Everybody Hates Chris, Monk, The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy, Eureka, Flashpoint, Dexter, Scrubs, House, Boston Legal, Eli Stone, Generation Kill, Robot Chicken, Prison Break, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Californication, Ross Kemp on Gangs, Louis Theroux, Til Death, True Blood, Fringe, How Not To Live Your Life, My Name Is Earl, Chuck, Greys Anatomy, Numb3rs, Everybody Hates Chris, The Big Bang Theory… (and others…)