Leo Laporte and Amber McArthur talk about web2.0 gossip and other not-so-techy stuff

Crypto-Gram Security Podcast:
Bruce Schneier's monthly newsletter, read out loud :)

Google Developer Podcast:
I can't remember, doesn't seem to be broadcast that often…

Software Engineering Radio – the podcast for professional software developers:
Highly professional topics (model driven development, DSLs, roles in software engineering). Sometimes the german accent can be a bit too much, but the topics make up for it!

The Java Posse:
Not only Java, also other JVM related topics, nice guys

FLOSS Weekly:
Leo Laporte and  Randal L. Schwartz talking to people involved in the open source community

Diggnation (Small Quicktime):
Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht drink beer and look at LOLcats (basically… entertaining stuff)

Chaosradio Express:
My favourite! Tim Pritlove does REALLY great (german!) interviews about topics from LISP to usability to airplanes.
There also is an english version, but it got updated the last time a year ago

NDR Fernsehen – Extra3 – Video-Podcast:
German Satire, nice stuff…

Web 2.0 / IT stuff… not updated all that often

German. Tim Pritlove, a dude from the Spreeblick Blog and a CCC guy talk about macbooks, iphones and other mobile thingies

Rubiverse Podcast:
They interview the BIG guys (Rubinius Teamlead etc)

TEDTalks (video):
Interesting talks about science stuff

Podcast about software development

Ruby on Rails Podcast – mp4:
Interviews with Ruby on Rails guys :)

sd.rb podcast:
Videos about RoR

Rails Envy Podcast:
The funny guys from the rails vs x spoofs. Weekly Ruby + Rails news with soundeffects!

Blog – Stack Overflow:
Software Dev Topics

Bits und so:
German: Mac stuff

Serien und so:
German: US TV stuff

You Look Nice Today:
Comedy, might not be everybodies choice but I definately LOVE it

jogmap Trainingspodcast:
German: Guy talking about jogging. Kind of a "personal trainer shouting at you"; kind of situation with some sprinkles of knowledge

Chaosseminar – MP4 plus PDF:
German: Videos about IT stuff

Dossier Chaotique:
German: Hippy stuff (how the government and corporations are stealing your freedom :D)

German: Sun stuff… solaris, java, clustering, zfs, etc.

HoRadS Feldforschung Podcast:
German: things having to do with the HdM, University Stuttgart or student life in Stuttgart. Some pretty nice interviews.

German: Interesting topics, on a student level though

Manager Tools:
Two guys talking about manager stuff. Interesting thing to watch from an IT guys perspective. Sooner or later we'll all have to ^^

Anything I missed?