Just a short quote from here:

JFv1.41 is out!

This version contains… drumroll multi-touch support! Thanks to lukehutch, zinx and ryebrye, this build allows android applications to receive multi-touch events. The built-in browser now supports multi-touch zooming! It also includes an "Auto-Rotate"; setting that you can enable, to allow it to change screen orientation, based on the orientation of the phone. You can turn on auto-rotate in the browser settings (it's off by default).

See lukehutch's blog post for more information about the new multi-touch support, as well as a few other demo multi-touch apps he created that you can try out after installing JFv1.4. He also mentions a few issues that are present in browser, that you might run into while playing with zoom.

Other changes of note for JFv1.41 include:

  • a console in recovery mode. You can press alt+x to exit out of the recovery program and go directly to a console.

  • the ADP1 build is now based on the ADP1.1 firmware. See this thread for information about the changes in ADP1.1

  • the ADP1 build now includes .odex files for all of the system apks and jars. This means that you will have more space available in /data for all of your apps and caches, although less space available in /system

  • busybox's vi should now save files correctly, instead of saving them as blank files

One thing that I would lkie to point out about the ADP1.1 build is that it allows you to skip the initial google registration. This will make registering over wifi painless. You just click the "skip registration"; button in the registration app, enable wifi in settings, then open the registration app again by trying to access one of the google apps (gmail, market, etc.), and then you can register over wifi.

For download links, see the original post