Enjoy your swineflu :)
Starting on some rocky tunes, going over something spoken or electric and ending on a slow note.

  1. Beastie Boys vs. The Sweet – Right Right Ballroom Blitz [DJ Stab]

  2. The Beatles vs. LCD Soundsystem vs. The Kinks – The Birts are playing at my house [DJ Faroff]

  3. Spin Doctors vs Clucha Candela – Hamma Princes [DJ Schmolli]

  4. Kool & The Gang vs. Sean Paul – Kool Temperature [DJ Mashup]

  5. Jamiroquai vs. Sly & The Family Stone vs Grandmaster flash – Deep message [DJ Moule]

  6. Fettes Brot vs. Seed – Schwules Ding [DR. Waumiau]

  7. New Order vs Dizzy Rascal – Blue Rascal

  8. Bob Marley vs. The Beatles – Let it Be, No Cry [DJ Faroff]