I know, I know… it has been a bit silent over the last few weeks. While I simply don't feel like writing about anything in particular at the moment, I think we can at least do something about the silence :)

Here we go:

Track 1: DJ Reno – ACDC vs Assasin
While I don't like french in particular, I think their rap sounds kinda interesting :)
And you can never really go wrong with ACDC

Track 2: Divide & Kreate – Smells like Teen Spirit
Going a little bit more electric on this one, I like the combination with an all time classic like Nirvana.

Track 3: pomDeter – Ghostbusters Vs Eminem Eminembusters
80s Music and a white rapper, go figure… ;)

Track 4: Elocnep – I Believe It's Not Fair
Scissor Sisters, wheeee!

Track 5: The Cure vs. Robyn – Close To Konichiwa Bitches [A plus D]
I love the original by Robyn. Also, check out the lipsync by vegas

Track 6 tone396 – Fire In A Bottle
"Just a cast away, an island lost at sea, yo!";

Track 7: Survivor vs the Commitments The Midnight Tiger (By Fissunix)
We're starting the slow ones…

Track 8:
Viva la Beat it Pheugoo
And we're ending it on yet another slow one. Coldplay and Michael Jackson

p.s. if you happen to know me, you know what to do