Ever since the defcon 17 videos were released a few days ago, I wanted to download them to be able to watch them on my standalone player.
The organizers of defcon are nice enough to create an RSS feed for the specific files (audio only, slides + speaker video + audio, only slides video + speaker audio). I thought about simply adding the feed to gpodder, but I really wouldn't want it to clutter my other feeds that actually DO have updates from time to time, so I decided to go the console way:
Download the rss file:

wget http://www.defcon.org/podcast/defcon-17-video.rss

Get the enclosure links out of the RSS Feed and write them to a text file:

cat defcon-17-video.rss | grep enclosure | grep -o https://.*.m4v > linklist.txt

Download the textfile using wget:

wget -i linklist.txt

Tadaaaa, done :)