It’s another one of those blogposts… :)
I was a bit fed up with having to keep a whole software stack (mysql, apache, varnish, …) on my VPS up to date while just serving static content (comments via disqus).
When Werner Vogel’s blopgpost “No Server Required - Jekyll & Amazon S3” popped up in my feed reader, I decided to spend a few hours fiddling with a quick and dirty migration attempt.
Thanks to the wonders of open source, migrating my blog from drupal to octopress was relatively easy. I had to change some minor things in the migration script and I was ready to go. I hope to parametrize my changes correctly and submit a D7 compatible version of the script to the octopress github repo on one of the upcoming weekends.
The next steps will be:

  • move the blog to Amazon S3
  • thin out the softwarestack on my VPS a bit
  • change the blog template to something custom

Fun times ahead :)