If you ever find yourself in the situation of needing to syncronize an FTP folder with a folder in a wua.la group, this might come in handy:

  1. Use FUSE to mount the FTP as a usual folder (I use MacFuse (core) and MacFusion (GUI) to mount the FTP, also works for SFTP)
  2. start wua.la and enable filesystem integration if it's not already activated
  3. use rsync to synchronize the two folders

This is the command line I used:

rsync -a -r -v -u —progress —bwlimit=90 /Volumes/FTP/ /Volumes/Wuala/SomeGroup/SomeFolder/

Here are the explanations for the options:-a: archive mode (might work without that one too…)

  • -r: recurse through subfolders
  • -v: be verbose —> display additional statistics
  • -u: skop files that are newer on the receiver
  • —progress: show progress when copying (I loves myself some statistics)
  • —bwlimit=90: throttle Bandwidth to 90 kilobytes per second.

    This is a little bit below my 120 kb/s upload capacity at home.

    WIthout doing this, rsync will just push data too fast and cause wua.la to crash (well.. it's still in alpha/beta at the time of writing).

    Wua.la seems to start uploading AFTER the file has been transfered to the NFS share it creats, so keeping it at 90 kb/s will allow wua.la to upload the LAST File that was completed before the next one is at 100% of the NFS transfer.

works like a charm :)

Thanks to mes for pointing me at Electric Six. I knew the song "Gay Bar";, but never really listened to any of their other music.

Luckily I still had some coke-fridge codes lefton itunes, so I bought some of their songs.

electrix six itunes.png

Here are 3 of those songs on youtube:

High Voltage:

Gay Bar:

Down at McDonnelzzz:

I really like the MB/s part… It's a decent system as far as I can tell atm.
Also note: the Hyper-V Vitualization Hypervisor thingy only comes with the 64 bit version

At first (t-mobile) I was like: Ò_ó

With apple I am like: _

When I send in something for repair, I expect them to tell me about every part of the process. I am ususally not at home when the UPS/DHL/… guy delivers stuff and neither are my neighbours. Having Tracking numbers, email updates and the whole shebang sure helps a lot concerning that problem.


Ey apple! I see what you did there! It's called good customer service :)


p.s. more or less pictures?

UPDATE: More pictures:

01082008010.jpg 01082008008.jpg 01082008009.jpg 01082008011.jpg 01082008007.jpg


It's just nifty! Mail.app seems to recognize the german "Date"; although I set my system to English.

This feature allows you to easily add Dates to iCal and thanks to google calendars caldav ability, also to google calendar.

Hi there. Here are some facts:

  1. I've got an iPhone

  2. I think it's the best phone I had so far

  3. It reboots from time to time

While #1 and #2 are pretty good, #3 is just a pain in the ass.

I thought to myself: no problem, just go to the nearest T-Punkt and get it fixed, heck, maybe even get it exchanged for a new one!

The exchange part didn't really work as a T-Punkt usually doesn't have anything anyone could need actually in store —> they send it somewhere so you have to wait for a week or so.

The cool thing is that they don't actually tell those support guys (which is not Apple itself, but some t-mobile contract repair service) what's wrong with the phone, they rather choose something out of a list which kinda resembles the problem.

In my case they chose to click the "Reboots while in normal use";. I told them that it usually only reboots whenever the GSM Interface is activated (checking for mail, launching twitter client, …) or seemingly random at night.

I also told them that this tends to piss me off as I can't use the SIM-lock anymore as random reboots that e.g. happen while I've got the iPhone in my pockets will simply leave the iPhone in a "logged off"; GSM state asking for the PIN without me even noticing.

>>Three<< in-store monkeys actually told me that they will receive the iPhone and then send an email/call me/smoke signal me so I can come get it. You realize that they don’t actually know what they are talking about as soon as the GLS guy rings at the door.

Interestingly it’s the same iPhone + some more scratches and a piece of paper telling me that the technicians couldn’t find the problem and that my phone seems to be ok.

Oh how I hate the whole T-* management and its weird, slow processes.
fuck-you.jpg(<— that’s about how I felt when receiving my unrepaired phone)

p.s. you can’t actually call your nearest T-Punkt.

They have an answering machine which they listen to once a day… but you can’t even get THAT number from anywhere.

The T-Punkt in Stuttgart Vaihingen is listed on some webpages, but it turns out that it’s the number of another t-punkt 20 km away. The friggin T-Punkt hotline wasn’t even able to locate any T-Punkt in Stuttgart-Vaihingen…

UPDATE: I went to the T-Punkt again and they said that they can’t do anything but sending the iPhone to their support partner again. They also stated that after sending it in 3 times I might be able to get a replacement. Oh how I hate them…

Concerning all the lies (“We’re sending it directly to apple”;, “It will be shipped back to our store, not to you”;, …), they just said something along the lines of “ooops, guess that changed”;.

They also said that it is impossible to exchange the iPhones at all, when I mentioned BGB √Ǭß439 and told them that there has to be a way to do this they just said “Yeah, but there is something in the AGB too”;. Upon explaining that they can basically write anything they want in the AGB and that things that contradict current law (such as the BGB) are simply void, they just shrugged…

So well… F.U. T-Punkt service, I just called apple, they actually were pretty damn nice, had good music while I was on hold and will send the UPS guy straight to my door.