I bought myself a RoboMop from Amazon DE/Amazon US and so far, I’m pretty happy. I just let it run for 90 minutes and it collects a fair amount of dust and hairs. It uses kind of a random walk algorithm to cover as much ground as possible. (60 sq. m per hour according to the packaging).
Since it’s the softbase version, it even gets into some of the harder to reach corners of my apartment. The only thing I’m not 100% sure about is, how often I should replace the electrostatic pads. For now, I just dust them off on the balcony and put them back on the mop.
Here’s a video of the little ball in action:

You can get the electostatic replacement pads on Amazon Germany (13.99 Euros for 20 pads) and on Amazon US for 7 USD for 20. On Amazon.com, there is also an offer with 24 for 7.50 USD, but I’m not quite sure if they fit 100% (robomaid <-> robomop).